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Research Projects

  • Isfahan University of Technology
    • Target Identification based on Micro-Doppler effect, 2017-Now.
    • Design and Implementation of the baseband subsystem of X-band tracking Radar on FPGA, 2016-Now.
      • Target Device: Xilinx Zynq 7045, All Programmable SoC.
      • IF sampling rate: 2 Channels, 250Msps, 16bit.
      •  Summary of implemented modules on FPGA:
        • Spectrum Sensing and Coarse Frequency Detector Module.
        • Fine Frequency Tracker Module
        • Pulse Compression Module
        • Range Detection Module
        • Range Ambiguity Module
        • Signal Integration Module
        • CPU Interface Module
        • Control Module
    • Design and Implementation of the Range-Doppler Algorithm (RDA) of a SAR system on FPGA, 2016.

      • Target Device: Xilinx Spartan 6.

    • Providing diversity for uplink transmission of analog FM links, 2015.

      • Analyzing the effect of fading in urban areas on the performance of the analog FM systems.
      • Improving the structure of current analog FM receivers to combat the degrading effects of fading in these areas by utilizing the space diversity.
    • Conceptual Design of following systems for the National Civil Aircraft
      • Weather Radar,
      • Radio Altimeter (RA) Transceiver,
      • Air Traffic Control (ATC) System,
      • Air Traffic Serviece Unit (ATSU).
  • Etick Company, As a Technical Staff and Project Manager, (2012-2013).
    • Isfahan Taxi AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) and AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) system.
  • SARVNET Company, As a Technical Staff
    • Design and implementation of an Encrypted video link on an Standard video Interface, Implemented on Spartan-6 FPGA.(April 2011-2012)
  • Optical Network Research Laboratory at Sharif University (ONRL), As a Technical Staff and R&D member, working on Signal Processing Application with the FPGA.
    • Design and Implementation of the Spectrally-Encoded/Spread-time CDMA Communication system. (2007-2009)
      • This transceiver has been implemented on a Virtex4-SX FPGA.
    • Design and implementation of a Line Interface Unit for E1, Audio and serial data interface of a Free Space Optical Link (2008).
      • Software modules on Virtex2 FPGA
      • Hardware module with 4 E1 interfaces.
    • Implementation of the MAP27 protocol for the MPT1327.
  • Telecom Noor Company, As a Technical Staff and Project Manager, (2009)
  • Basamad Azma Company, As a Technical Staff and Researcher, (2008)
  • Dideh Pardaz Saba Compay, As a Technical Staff.
    • Designing the control and clock generator module of a Line Scan Camera. (2005)


Projects with Industry

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